Interlude: the scavenger hunt protocol

Join thousands of players and hundreds of developers in a global, collaboratively designed scavenger hunt game.

Join as a player...

Participate in the biggest scavenger hunt in history. Find keys accross the web, inside video games and even in the real world, and get paid with our cryptocurrency!

...or as a developer

Hide keys on the web, or inside your games with just a few lines of code. Get traffic to your games or websites, and earn crypto when players find your keys!

Fully decentralized

The KeyHunt algorithm is based on the Ethereum platform, and is fair, secured and decentralized. After the launch period we won't control anything. Read our whitepaper for more information.

3 things to know about the Shell, our cryptocurrency

It's a normal ERC20 token
It's a normal ERC20 token

The Shell is a standard ERC20 token. It has a fixed supply and is completely decentralized.

It is mined by playing
It is mined by playing

The only way to mine new tokens is to play the game and find keys. When a player finds a key new tokens are created and shared between the player and the developer that hid the key.

It has variable difficulty
It has variable difficulty

Like Bitcoin, it is designed to be harder to mine as more users join the project. So join early while it's easy to create new tokens!

Our continuous token offering will start soon. Subscribe now to get on the whitelist and be among the first to invest!

Project timeline

Things will move on quickly. Stay tuned!
Day One

Day One is today!

March 2021

Creation of the Shell token, private pre-sale (seed round).

mid-April 2021

Opening of our Continuous Token Offering.

early May 2021

Playable demo available, publication of the whitepaper

mid-June 2021

First Key Hunt, demonstrating the game concept, followed by the first public token crowdsale (ICO).

End of June 2021

Opening of the project to third-party developers. Publication of the dev tools to create Keys. Testing phase of the KeyHunt algorithm. The KeyHunt smart contract is deployed on a private Ethereum blockchain on our server.

October 2021

Launch on mainnet (beta): deployment of the KeyHunt contract on Ethereum mainnet, still under centralized control. Modifications of the KeyHunt algorithm may still happen.

December 2021

Final launch. We burn the bridges, the Key Hunt is now completely decentralized. Its rules are fixed and carved into the Ethereum blockchain, with no outside control whatsoever.



Charles de Mauroy
Co-founder & game designer

Inventor of the Scavenger Hunt Protocol. Ex-indie game dev and CompSecurity Research Engineer @iExec, working on using Trusted Computing (TEE) with blockchain technology.


Julien Béranger
Co-founder & marketing lead

Chinese teacher turned Web3 hacker. Formerly VP Marketing @iExec, where he led one of the first ICO to success, raising 10,000 bitcoins.


Seijin Kobayashi
Software engineer

Currently PhD student at Eth Zurich, working on Neuromorphic Computing and Reinforcement Learning. Formerly Software Engineer @Google, where he worked on Google Assistant AI system.


Vladimir Ostapenko
DevOps & security

Co-founder at Lugus Labs, designing high-availability solutions for blockchain services. Formerly SysAdmin and DevOps Engineer @iExec.


Here are simple answers to the first questions you could ask. If you want more details, you'll have to read our whitepaper!

Developers have hidden keys everywhere: on the web, inside games and websites, or even in the real world. Players have to find these keys. When a key is found the Player will get a cryptographic proof that, once sent to our smart contract, will award a given number of tokens.