Interlude: the scavenger hunt protocol

Join thousands of players and hundreds of developers in a global, collaboratively designed scavenger hunt game.

Join as a player...

Participate in the biggest scavenger hunt in history. Find keys accross the web, inside video games and even in the real world, and get paid with our cryptocurrency!

...or as a developer

Hide keys on the web, or inside your games with just a few lines of code. Get traffic to your games or websites, and earn crypto when players find your keys!

Decentralized and scalable

The Scavenger Hunt Protocol will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, and is fair, secured and decentralized. After the launch period we won't control anything.

3 things to know about the Interlude Shell (ISH)

It's a normal BEP20 token
It's a normal BEP20 token

The Shell is a standard BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a fixed supply and we have renounced ownership immediately after creation.

It is mined by playing
It is mined by playing

The only way to mine new tokens is to play the game and find keys. When a player finds a key new tokens are created and shared between the player and the developer that hid the key.

It has variable difficulty
It has variable difficulty

Like Bitcoin, it is designed to be harder to mine as more users join the project. So join early while it's easy to earn new tokens!


You can lock your ISH on our staking platform to get ISH staking rewards and to receive TimeShells (TSH).
Go to staking platform
Earn staking rewards in ISH

Lock your ISH to receive a traditional staking reward. The longer you lock the higher the reward!

Earn instant reward in TSH

The only way to get TimeShell tokens (TSH) to play on Interlude is to lock your ISH. The longer you lock, the more TSH you'll get!

Early bird bonus

The yield multiplier bonus decreases with each locked token: the earlier you lock, the higher your APY so don't wait!

Project timeline

You can read more info on our detailed roadmap.
Day One

Day One is today!

June 2021

Creation of the Shell token and opening of the pre-sale.

Early July 2021

Playable demo available

Early August 2021

Demo Hunt with 4 keys and a small prize ($1000). Closing of the presale

End of August 2021

Launch of the beta and opening of the project to third-party developers. Publication of the dev tools to create Keys.

Early September 2021

IDO, listing on PancakeSwap

End of September 2021

First Scavenger Hunt with a huge prize in ISH token

End of October 2021

Beginning of phase 2. Launch of our staking platform and updated scavenger hunt algorithm.

Beginning of November 2021

Second scavenger hunt, with staking on players for investors enabled.

November - December 2021

Bootstrap of the developers community.

End of January 2022

Beginning of phase 3. Launch of the Interlude DAO and of the developers dashboard.

June 2022

Final launch. We burn the bridges, the Scavenger Hunt Protocol and its community of players and developers are now completely decentralized. But what comes next?



Charles de Mauroy
Game design & cryptoeconomics


Jean de Castelnau
Marketing & business development


Seijin Kobayashi
Software engineering & algorithm


Maximilien Saunier
Community outreach


Here are simple answers to the first questions you could ask. If you want more details, you'll have to read our whitepaper!

Developers have hidden keys everywhere: on the web, inside games and websites, or even in the real world. Players have to find these keys. When a key is found the Player will get a cryptographic proof that, once sent to our smart contract, will award a given number of tokens.